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Enjoy some of our exquisite à la carte dishes, such as:


Peking duck


Lobster at the heat of ginger

Beef Tit Pan

Shrimp nest



Group Hong Kong was founded by Mr. Hon Kee Wong, who arrived at Mexico in 1973 from Hong Kong and worked for 11 years, accompanied by Chef Mario Li, as Executive Chef at the restaurant “Mauna Loa” afterwards deciding to start his own project and on May 15, 1984 the inauguration of the very first Hong Kong Restaurant took place, originally located on Cobá Avenue.

After the success of the restaurant, Hong Kong Express was created; initially with only two branches: Plaza Kukulkan and Plaza Caracol (established in 1994 and 1998 respectively). In February 2002, the Hong Kong Plaza was open, which is where the main restaurant and a Hong Kong Express branch are currently located. With the coming of the years, Hong Kong Restaurant and Hong Kong Express continued to expand, opening new branches and located at key areas of Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

In our process of continuous improvement we have obtained the National Hygienic Management program which awarded the restaurant with the “Distinctive H” (for upholding Health and Safety standards) and the “Distinctive M" (Quality Management Modernize) issued by the Federal Tourism Secretariat. During hurricane Gilberto (Gilbert) Group Hong Kong helped the public by giving water and food, and when hurricane Wilma hit Cancun the restaurant was the first to open its door to the public selling everything that was available at an extremely low price.

At Group Hong Kong, at the time we were the first company to offer delivery service and the first restaurant with buffet service in Cancun, starting from a restaurant with 4 tables and 16 employees to a business group with 9 branches and more than 350 employees serving around 900,000 orders every year

Taste, tradition and culture since 1984